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Mens' Feedback

"I have regained my confidence in sex, thanks to IVAN."

Mr. Wong (pseudonym), 28 years old

"Previously, I had problems with premature ejaculation, finishing in less than a minute. My wife complained a lot, which put a lot of pressure on me, and my little guy became even less cooperative. After receiving treatment and practicing daily at home, the situation gradually improved. Now my wife is very satisfied and often makes breakfast for me the next morning after we make love."

Mr. Chen (pseudonym), 34 years old

"I have been troubled by erectile dysfunction for many years, and during that time, life felt meaningless. After following IVAN's guidance and exercises, I learned to train penile sensitivity and reduce anxiety. It has been very effective, and now I can achieve erections as naturally as before."

Mr. Cheung (pseudonym), 34 years old

"I tried Viagra, Cialis, and various supplements, but none of them worked. After receiving treatment, I realized that the mind has a significant impact on erections. Now that I've let go of my anxiety, I've regained my vitality."

Mr. Guan (pseudonym), 40 years old

This is a refined gentleman who studies calligraphy. After his successful treatment, he gifted me a calligraphy piece, which is very special and beautiful. Thank you.

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Thank you, Mrs. Li. It is quite rare to receive gifts from the partner of a male patient, but I am grateful that the gentleman was willing to seek help and regain his sexual confidence. This has made their marital sex life and love even more harmonious and pleasant.


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