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Erectile Dysfunction Psychotherapy Centre


“With the psychotherapy for 2 months, it has solved my erectile dysfunction issue which had bothered me for years.” - service user Mr. Ng.

“I have become confident and was no longer frightened while having intimate moments” - service user Mr. Wong.

Do you have these similar problems?


Able to maintain an erection during foreplay, but having difficulty keeping an erection after wearing a condom;

Unable to maintain an erection firm enough for sex while changing sex positions.


No problems with maintaining an erection during masturbation but having difficulty during sex

Trouble getting an erection under age 45 with no chronic illness


Flashbacks of failed erection from first sex


Feeling anxious during intimate moments causing the penis to go flaccid


Condition of sexual dysfunction did not improve after taking medications or supplements


Do not despair. The issues above may be caused by anxiety. With proper psychological treatments, self-confidence and enjoyment of sex with your partner can be regained.


Let our counsellors help you.


Step 1:Application Process for Sex Therapy Services

Fill Out Assessment Form


Step 2: The sex therapist provides the assessment results and recommendations.

Step 3: The sex therapist introduces the service contents.

Sexual therapy services for overseas men

30% discount on services

Video therapy 

via zoom/ Google Meet)

Free assessment of male sexual function and video consultation report.


In light of numerous overseas men seeking assistance from Ivan online, expressing potential erectile dysfunction or other sexual function issues due to stress from immigration, work, and life pressures, many immigrant families also face their difficulties. Therefore, we are currently offering a 30% discount on sexual therapy services to motivate men to seek help and regain sexual satisfaction as soon as possible.

This is a gentleman with refined manners, who studies calligraphy. After successful treatment, he gifted me a beautiful and unique calligraphy piece, which is truly special

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-08 at 11.46.55 AM.jpeg

Thank you very much. It's rare to receive a gift for the other half of a man, but I appreciate the willingness of men to seek help and regain confidence in their sexuality. It makes marriage, intimacy, and love more harmonious and fulfilling

Obtain more valuable information about male sexuality,
Let's explore together to help you achieve a satisfying and happy sex life

Thank You

Erectile Dysfunction Psychotherapy Centre

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Office hour:

Monday to Saturday: 17:00 - 22:00

Sunday and Public Holidays: 09:00 - 22:00

Contact Information

Address :

New Hennessy Tower, 263, Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island


5535 8434

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