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What is erectile dysfunction?

  • Trouble keeping an erection firm enough for sex

  • Trouble maintaining an erection

  • Trouble getting an erection even with sexual arousal

  • Frustration in failure of getting an erection causing an unpleasant sexual experience

  • Makes men feel like a failure and frustrated

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According to medical doctors and sex therapists in Hong Kong, both symptoms of trouble getting and keeping an erection are considered as erectile dysfunction.


Medical doctors would prescribe medications, while sex therapists would provide sexual education and counselling service.


Our methodical assessments can identify the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. For instance, unable to get an erection are more related to low sex drive for men; while erection can still be maintained during foreplay with a normal sex drive until vaginal penetration is likely due to psychological factors such as anxiety.


Some people may experience trouble getting an erection; or trouble maintaining an erection during sex, wearing condom, changing sex positions or until ejaculation.


Psychological factors can play a significant role in erectile dysfunction when men can masturbate normally with no chronic diseases, or the dysfunction could not be improved after taking medications.

Our Methodical Approach

Different Types of Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Find the underlying causes, then we can accurately solve the issues

Sexual Anxiety

Experiences of failure in erection may cause men to be frightened and anxious. Psychological stress may also be caused by expectation on having baby, not satisfying your partner’s sexual needs, and results of sexual health check-up, which can cause erectile dysfunction.

Dependency on Masturbation

Men can get desensitized from watching pornography and masturbations, that may lower the chance of getting sexual arousal while having sexual intercourse in reality.

Psychological Stress

Stress due to work, changes in relationship status (from boyfriend to husband, from married couples to parents) may lower sex drive and contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Sexual Fatigue

Pubococcygeus Muscle

Poor Attention Span

Lack of sexual spontaneity or unwillingness on expressing sex desires may lower sex drive for men, makes them unable to get sexual excitement and erection.

Contraction of pubococcygeus muscle located below the scrotum may happen in some men while having sex unknowingly. The uncoordinated muscle movement may affect penile firmness and hence failure of erection.

Exhaustion, anxiety or relationship problems may cause poor attention span and distraction, which makes it hard for men to keep an erection.  

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